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Efficient, Affordable, and Compliant

Fund Admin for Emerging Managers.
Comprehensive and easy to use, with world-class support.

Model, Market, and Manage Emerging Funds.

Affordable, Fast, And Compliant

Free trial, Easy Migration, 24-hour onboarding

Don't endure the pain of legacy fund admin platforms any longer. Switch to Zive today and experience the difference.

Meet the next-gen fund administration


Easy onboarding, accurate accounting, and real-time reporting.


AI-automated fund administration, savings VCs time and money

Peace of Mind

A support team you can rely on, whenever you need it

Our secret sauce

Here's how we're disrupting fund administration


We obsessed over identifying choke points in fund admin that can be performed programmatically


We train models to learn bespoke LPAs and match those accurately to account management

No Overhead

We're disrupting fund admin with technology and passing the cost advantage to our GP customers

Trusted by leading emerging managers

Hear from some of our amazing GP customers who are streamlining their operations.

Our partnership with Zive has enabled us to streamline operations, save time and money, and focus on what we do best; investing and supporting our portfolio companies.

Angela Dalton
Signum Growth

Precisely what my portfolio of emerging managers has been asking for. A highly efficient, affordable, and streamlined fund admin platform.

Michael Downing
MDSV Capital

Zive handles the financial reporting and gives real time reports so I can focus on deal flow and helping our teams grow fast. Couldn’t do it without them and so much better than Carta.

Alex Fair
MedStartr Ventures

Maximize your fund admin capabilities with Zive

Easy to Use

Work faster and smarter with intuitive dashboard, reports, and charts


Our AI automates the fund admin tasks which lets us provide a cost-effective solution

Real-Time Reporting

We have compressed the fund admin to a single choke point which allows for instant reports

Audit & Compliance

Multiple access controls for users on the platform lets us clearly audit all the changes

Investor Relations

Manage all your portfolio and LP docs directly from the data room built into the platform

Fast Onboarding

Automation of the onboarding flow makes it possible to onboard funds with 60 minutes

Monthly Accounting

We will reconcile bank feeds at the end of every month, so there's no last-minute scramble

On time Tax & Audit

Our real-time reporting enabled on time fund audits and K-1 generation

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from Carta and other fund admins?

Zive is built from the ground up with automation at its core. Intelligent application of AI optimizes the platform further to speed up onboarding, accounting, and workflow automation.

Can I migrate my fund instance from another plaftorm?

Yes. We will take care of onboarding your fund. We just need the data, and from there, onboarding typically takes less than one hour.

How is the platform able to provide real-time information?

We have compressed the choke points to fund administration to critical sections and drive all charts and reporting off of there.

Can I manage multiple instances of my fund?


Can I manage my SPVs as well?

Yes. We do require that you own the SPV. We can manage your deal room and investor dashboard.

What about my portfolio company's cap table?

We encourage you to invite your portfolio companies to host their cap table on our platform. This provides added benefit to accurately value your fund.

Can I use Zive if I already have an existing SPV?

Yes. If you just need access to the data room and dashboard for your investors, that’s just $60/mo.

Change the way you manage funds